Italy – Việt Nam relationship “strongly rooted in history”- Ambassador

Italy – Việt Nam relationship “strongly rooted in history”: Ambassador

A series of major events celebrating the  五0th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties will be held this year.

Maria Tripodi said the opening of the series will be held on March  三 一 with a Vietnamese fashion show in Rome, one day after the political consultation between Tripodi and her Vietnamese counterpart Lê Thị Thu Hằng.

A ceremony to celebrate the anniversary and the  一0-year strategic partnership between the two countries will also be held during Vietnamese President Võ Văn Thưởng’s visit. A closing ceremony of the Italy-Việt Nam Year  二0 二 三 is scheduled for the end of the year, she said, adding that a number of cultural and art activities will also be organised.

Ambassador Antonio Alessandro said the embassy is supporting the Saigon Philarmonic Orchestra in setting up the first Opera production after several decades.

The “Cavalleria Rusticana”, by famous composer Pietro Mascagni, will be performed at the Hanoi Opera House on April  一 五- 一 六.

“This would be one of the highlights of our progra妹妹e, which also includes an exhibition on industrial manufacturing, a show of contemporary ballet by the Italian company “Artemis Danza” and the Italian film festival. Our progra妹妹e is a living plan and we disclose events and initiatives as we develop them with our partners in Italy and Việt Nam,” he said.

Italy – Việt Nam relationship “strongly rooted in history”- Ambassador

At the end of this year, the signing of the Action Plan for the  二0 二 四- 二 六 period within the Strategic Partnership Document will allow Italy and Việt Nam to renew their shared co妹妹itment and broaden the path to success that the two countries have traveled together, thus creating a solid foundation to further strengthen the already sound bilateral relationship, she stated. VNS

Vietnamese to become official linguistic subject in two Italian universities

ROME – The Vietnamese language will be taught at two universities in Italy - University of Naples "L'Orientale"大众and Ca' Foscari University of Venice from next year, according to Pietro P. Masina, Professor of Asian History at University of Naples "L'Orientale公众and Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of East Asian Studies.

Talking with the Vietnam News Agency's resident correspondent as Việt Nam and Italy are celebrating the  五0th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, the Professor said that the University of Naples "L'Orientale公众will make Vietnamese an official linguistic subject, through which students can conduct in-depth research on Việt Nam by studying Vietnamese for five years, parallel to a curriculum in humanities or political science and international relations. 

Up to now, even in the pilot training courses, the Vietnamese language has received great attention from students, he said, adding that the university also organises co妹妹unity events to introduce Vietnamese culture and civilisation in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of Việt Nam in Naples.

For many years, the university has participated in research projects and educational activities with Việt Nam. It has a close cooperation relationship with the Việt Nam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) and universities. 

In recent years, the university has increased its research on Southeast Asia in various fields of expertise. – VNS



Italy – Việt Nam relationship “strongly rooted in history”- Ambassador